If you wish to make a tithe, offering or donation payment, please use the following bank account. Please include your name in the reference if you wish to receive a receipt at the end of the tax year.

Account Name: Real Life Trust  
Account No: 12-3157-0079718-01


If you wish to donate to our missions, projects, or special events; please use the following account. You may include in the reference what you would like the donation to go towards.

Account Name: Real Life Trust  
Account No: 12-3157-0079718-02

Nehemiah Fund

This fund is dedicated to meeting the practical needs of our whānau. Based on principles in Nehemiah 5 and Acts, where the church showed their love for Jesus by meeting the needs of their families and communities, donations to the Nehemiah Fund will go directly to help families in need within our church and wider community.

Account No: 12 3157 0079718 03
Please reference Nehemiah and your name